The Ayurveda Effect: Personal Stories of Transformation

Amal Tamara is both an NABH-certified Ayurvedic hospital, and a wellness experience offered by Tamara Leisure Experiences; a well-established name in the Sustainable Hospitality industry. Many of our guests reach out to use with some amount of doubt, having experienced properties that either excel in medical practice, or in hospitality – but not both.

Brinda Rajiv came to Amal Tamara, sceptical about the possibility of finding what she wanted in one place. That is, until she experienced all that Amal Tamara has to offer.

When the time came to plan their next vacation, Kripal and Sree Amanna made an unconventional decision. Rather than opting for the typical tourist destinations and jam-packed itineraries, they chose a special birthday getaway at Amal Tamara – a destination promising transformation for the mind, body, and soul.

For a glimpse of their unforgettable stay at Amal Tamara, visit this vlog series, describing a relaxing and transformative experience of two seasoned travellers.


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