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Ayurvedic Approach to Holistic Healing

Considered by scholars across the world as the “The Science of Life”, the ancient school of Ayurveda is a body of knowledge dating back over 5000 years from the Indian subcontinent. It stems from the age-old Sanskrit texts – the Vedas – and was passed down through oral traditions over thousands of years from master practitioners to their disciples.

Unlike the Western systems of medicine and healing, Ayurveda places emphasis on prevention and maintenance rather than the treatment of symptom and external indication of disease. Ayurvedic practitioners believe in holistic healing and wellness, rooted in the absolute balance of lifestyle, diet, manner of thinking, spiritual practices, and the use of herbs in everyday life. When the energies of the body are balanced and in sync, the body is more equipped to use its natural defence systems to fight disease.

The Amal Approach

Your experience with us extends to before you arrive and after you leave the property. Holistic in the true sense, we hope to equip you with meaningful lifestyle changes, to retain wellness wisdom into your life at home. 

(Pre-Arrival Assessment)

A detailed pre-arrival assessment and consultation will allow our team of medical experts to understand your needs, health concerns, wellness goals, and special needs before you arrive at Amal. 

(While at Amal)

From Agnihothram to evening Deepam, your days at Amal are filled with a balanced melody of cure cuisine, concoction, and culture. It will include daily consultations, therapies, delicious meals customised for your health, calming yoga and meditation sessions, as well as cultural experiences that will keep your mind engaged and hearts full. All this, in the breath-taking surroundings of Alleppey backwaters to experience healing through all 5 senses.

(Lifestyle Correction)

Ayurveda cures your concerns from within by creating a balance of all doshas, however, this is attainable only when you continue to walk on the path of Ayurveda after your programme at Amal Tamara. To handhold you through your Ayurvedic journey, our physicians will be accessible to you beyond your stay with us. Our programme aims to empower every Amal Yatri with our knowledge and guidance to sustain an Ayurvedic journey for life.

Yoga & Meditation

Ayurveda Hospitals in Kerala

Practicing yoga, meditation, and their allied practices, provide the body the opportunity to approach becoming naturally balanced. These practices encourage the body and mind to slow down, and exercise patience and intention. In addition, they allow the body to reduce production of stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol, while increasing the production of neurotransmitters, known to promote health and well-being. At Amal, expert yoga and meditation practitioners with years of experience and training will guide our guests through these transformative practices. Whether in the privacy of rooms or in the tranquil surroundings of the backwaters, these experiences will still the mind, open the heart, and rejuvenate the body.

Diet & Medication

Food and taste are critical in achieving balance of the doshas. Certain foods, and their associated tastes, will increase or decrease the levels of different energies in the human body. Depending on a person’s individual constitution, the increase or decrease of sweet, salty, sour, or pungent foods plays a crucial role in providing the body balance required for wellness. In addition, Ayurvedic practitioners emphasise on the importance of eating at the same time each day and in a peaceful environment in the absence of distraction, allowing for complete immersion in the experience of eating.

At Amal, our medical experts will, based on a detailed assessment of each guest, curate diets that aim towards the complete balance of the doshas, taking them one step closer to a healed and balanced life.

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