Establishing Consistency: How not to give up!

You are not alone in that all-too-familiar feeling of dread around staying physically fit. It can be hard to establish a consistent workout routine and keep oneself motivated, especially on those days when getting up and pushing yourself feels impossible.

But no practice will show positive, long-term results without consistency. So, it is important to establish habits that will empower you to get the best of yourself. Here are some tangible ways to help keep yourself in a regular fitness routine!

  1. Make it easy for yourself
    Set realistic goals, and set up infrastructure such that there are no additional barriers to your fitness routine. Choose a space nearby, or even allocate some space and basic equipment (if you need it) at home so there is no commute involved in getting to your work out. Also identify a time of the day that works well for you, without forcing yourself to adhere to a time that is difficult to stick to sustainably. Based on your weekly schedules, pick a few, evenly-spaced days of the week so that you have days off to rest and recover. And always set goals that you can realistically meet, so that you are not needlessly discouraged by failure.
  2. Find partners
    If you are someone who thrives in a group, joining a class or working out with family or friends may be a great motivator. Find ways to connect with people with similar fitness-related interests who will push and support each other, keeping workouts an enjoyable, and even social exercise.
  3. Dress comfortably and well
    Keep separate clothing for your fitness routine. Invest in comfortable, breathable clothing that will allow you to move without restriction, and footwear appropriate for the kind of practice you are engaging in. Comfort is important, and even the act of getting ready for a workout may help put you in the right frame of mind to give your best to the experience!
  4. Hydrate, eat well, and take breaks
    The key to a consistent practice is establishing habits that prepare your body for activity, recovery, and repetition. Remember to drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, consult a nutritionist on the right diet or supplements to fuel your body, and ensure you keep days aside for rest. Pushing too hard is more likely to kill consistency than accelerate the meeting of your goals.

Our bodies are magical, complex collections of intricate systems working tirelessly to enable everything we do every day. It is important to set aside a little time to make sure you are taking care of your mobility, strength, energy, and overall well-being. While staying motivated can be hard, the rewards are unquantifiable.

Good luck, and happy moving!


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