Ayurveda Impact Story: Chronic Illness Management with Panchakarma

When this guest arrived at Amal Tamara, he had been living with psoriasis and diabetes for a significant period of time, grappling with an array of health challenges that were impacting his quality of life. His journey with Ayurveda was nothing short of remarkable, as evidenced by both perceivable and tangible improvements in his health. 

Case Study: Panchakarma for Psoriasis and Diabetes Management

This 36-year-old Amal Yatri embarked on a 20-day Panchakarma Programme, or Detox Programme, crafted to revitalise the body, mind, and soul and seek to purify by expelling toxins. In addition to the body treatments, this curative programme is supported by herbal medicines, detox therapies, personalised diet plans, and wellness activities.

Health Challenges
The patient’s health concerns included the following:

  • Nine-year history of psoriasis and diabetes
  • Full-body lesions (scales and itching)
  • Inefficacy of topical steroid medication

Line of Treatment
This personalised Ayurvedic treatment adopted a comprehensive approach, commencing with a 7-day Snehapanam to prepare the body for an intensive Panchakarma treatment. Ayurvedic therapies, including Vasthi, and Virechanam, were administered for detoxification and rejuvenation.

Results and Transformation

Blood Sugar: The patient’s blood sugar was under control, and there were no significant spikes observed during the follow-up consultation after 30 days.

Full-body Lesions: Lesions showed significant improvement, with no scales and itching. 30 days post-treatment, the lesions are progressively adopting a more normal skin colour and texture.

Skin Pigmentation: Patient’s pigmentation was normalised, restoring a healthier complexion.

Steroid Dependence: After the treatment, the patient no longer relied on the use of steroids for instant relief.

This Amal Yatri’s transformative journey – from facing the challenges of psoriasis to experiencing relief and feeling confident in their skin again – serves as a powerful testament to the visible results achieved through Ayurveda. We, at Amal Tamara, have had the privilege of being your partners on your journeys with Ayurveda. The most valuable experience for us is in knowing that every Amal Yatri leaves from the property feeling better, healthier, and happier than when they came.

If you feel like you will benefit from an experience with authentic and personalised Ayurveda, write to us to begin your Ayurvedic Journey for Life!


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