Yatri Lekha

Apple Souffle

Apple Soufflé

Here’s an easy-to-make and healthy treat for those of us with that insatiable sweet tooth. An Apple Soufflé is the perfect ending to a special

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Sitting Right

Those working in a post-pandemic world are all too familiar with surging amounts of spine-related issues – back pain, tightness in the hip, and loss

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Pumpkin Tawa Tikka Recipe

Healthy doesn’t equal unappetising, uninspiring, and unflavoured! This sizzling, spicy, sautéed Pumpkin Tawa Tikka stands testimony to this! Pumpkin is packed with rich minerals, potassium,

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Ghee For Good Health

The old, golden elixir – ghee, or clarified butter – lines most Indian kitchen shelves. Learn about how this addition to your diet can vastly improve dosha balance, aid digestion, and heal from the inside out!

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Panchakarma Treatment

Panchakarma Detox Programme

Panchakarma is one of the most significant limbs of Ayurveda. The word, literally translating to “five procedures” of cleansing, involves the detoxification of the complete

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