Panchakarma Treatment

Panchakarma Detox Programme

Panchakarma is one of the most significant limbs of Ayurveda.

The word, literally translating to “five procedures” of cleansing, involves the detoxification of the complete body by vamanam, virechanam, anuvasana, nasyam and astapana vasti.

The five identifying therapies of Panchakarma are:

  1. Vamanam: This therapy, translating to therapeutic emesis, is a process of inducing vomiting, to help clear the upper gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts.
  2. Virechanam: Translating to purgation, this therapy induces the expulsion of contents from the lower gastrointestinal tract from the duodenum till the stomach.
  3. Anuvasana: This refers to an enema with the help of medicated oil that helps lubricate the region in order to aid the dispelling of all lipid-soluble waste.
  4. Nasyam: This therapy involves the usage of herbal, medicated concoctions to clear the sinuses and respiratory tract.
  5. Astapana Vasti: A therapeutic decoction enema, this treatment helps to completely clear the traverse colon till the end of the digestive tract.

A Panchakarma Programme, as you can imagine, can demand a lot from the body and mind. The treatment programme can be intense and uncomfortable at times, but the rejuvenation and lightness felt at the end of an expert treatment regime has been heralded the world over.

Choose Wisely
When choosing a space for a Panchakarma programme, it is important to identify authentic experts, physicians, and therapists who prioritise comfort, privacy, and mental peace through the experience. The best results of a Panchakarma programme are felt when Ayurvedic treatments are coupled with lifestyle-reforming practices, diet planning, meditation, yoga, and mindfulness, to help establish long-term wellness.

Benefits of Panchakarma
A Panchakarma experience will revitalise and rejuvenate the body, improve skin and muscle tone, boost immunity and improve metabolism, consequently restoring balance between the doshas. According to ancient Ayurvedic philosophy, dosha balance is the ultimate goal towards balancing the body, mind, and soul for holistic and long-term wellness. 

Panchakarma at Amal Tamara
At Amal Tamara, Panchakarma is one of the most sought-after programmes. Guests find themselves feeling refreshed, light, and peaceful at the end of this intense detoxification experience. If this programme sounds like something you will benefit from, write in to us at for a consultation call.


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